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The seminar on fiber lasers continues traditions of the seminar, organized in 2007 in Novosibirsk. The seminar is a scientific forum aiming to representation of last achievements and exchange by opinions between scientists of Russian-speaking space, working in the field of fiber optics and fiber lasers in the leading research, technological and educational centers in Russia and abroad. The seminar will take place on April, 1-4, 2008 in sanatoria “Sokol”.

Organized by

Venue and date

Russian Federation, Saratov, April, 1-4, 2008.

Important dates

Preliminary registration — up to December, 24, 2007.
Submission of summaries — up to February, 11, 2008.
Application for accommodation — up to March, 1, 2008.



Program topics

and other questions of physics and technics of fiber lasers, systems and components

Information partners

Program committee

Organizing committee

Information for participants

Oral reports (15-30 min.) Poster session.

The preliminary application form for participation should be sent to Organizing committee to e-mail: up to December, 24, 2007 (inclusive).

The application form (txt, MS Word or pdf) should include:

  1. List of authors (for the presenting person — including a name and a patronymic).
  2. Place of work (for all authors), position, postal address, e-mail, fax, phone (for the presenting person only).
  3. Title of the paper.
  4. Section.
  5. Type of the report (oral, poster).
  6. Necessity of visa support.

Summaries (up to 2 pages) in format MS Word or pdf should be sent to Program committee to e-mail: up to February, 11, 2008 (inclusive).

Contact information

Kurkov Andrey Semenovich, ph.: +7 499 135 19 36 (Program committee)
Surmenko Elena Lvovna, ph. +7 8452 47 94 52, +7 927 227 24 78 (Organizing committee)
Web site:

Registration fee

1500 roubles (will be accepted on April, 1 at registration of participants in Saratov).


The seminar will take place on April, 1-4, 2008 in sanatoria “Sokol”. The dispensary “Sokol” is located in city boundaries, in 15 minutes of driving from the center by public transport. Residing of participants is supposed directly in sanatoria.

The information on direct flights to Saratov:

The information on travel to Saratov by train:

Weather in Saratov

Cultural program

Walks on city, welcome party. Interested persons can visit museums, theatres of Saratov and Engels, a conservatory, a philarmonic society.

Sponsors of conference