Research & Production Firm «Pribor-T»
Educational Research Laboratory of Laser Technics & Technology
Saratov State Technical University.

1, Panfilova st., Saratov, 410033, Russia,
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About us

RPF «Pribor-T» works on the base of Educational-Research Laboratory of Laser Technics & Technology in Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu. A.

Effective and quolitative production of single and small series devices is organized due to the arranged cooperation with engineering companies and the developed equipment and scientific base.

RPF «Pribor-T» is ready to develop any laser technological processes and equipment on your demand and produce it. Also we can upgrade your laser equipment for providing parameters necessary for your needs.

RPF «Pribor-T» is a regional representative of Technolaser company - designer and manufacturer of high power gas lasers.

RPF «Pribor-T» and CCU «L&OT» (Volga Region) are enterprises for teaching of students and for research working of PhD-students and researchers on laser physics, technics, technologies and biomedical instrument making.


1967 г. Department of laser technics and technology, plant "Tantal".

1978 г. Laboratory of laser technics and technology, RPE «Almaz».

1980-1985 гг. Organization of 3 laser technological production complexes with taught personnel and new technological equipment (27 units). Later transfered to RPE «Almaz».

1991 г. The group of the laboratory staff with its founder L.A. Surmenko awarded with State Prize of USSR in a field of science and technics for development of a complex of laser technological installations and technological processes for electronic industry.

1997 г. Educational-research laboratory of laser technics and technology (ERL LTT), Saratov State Technical University. Organization of RPF "Pribor-T".

2007 г. Organization of Center of Collective Utilization “Laser and Optical Technologies of the Volga Region” (CCU “L&OTVR”)

Scientific output: 8 Doctors, 3 Professors.

Industrial output: 24 samples of laser technological equipment in Russian and CIS enterprises.

Technological output: more than 30 laser technological processes.


  • SOKOLOVA Tatiana Nikolaevna — director, laboratory chief, PhD
  • CHEBOTAREVSKY Yury Viktorovich — scientific leader, Professor, USSR State Prize winner.
  • SURMENKO Elena Lvovna — leading specialist, PhD
  • POPOV Ivan Andreevich — engineer, PhD
  • BESSONOV Dmitry Alexandrovich — engineer, PhD-student
  • OVCHINNIKOVA Natalia Vladimirovna — engineer



Congrats to our engineer Dmitry Bessonov with successful defending of the PhD-thesis!

Participation in the exhibition PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS'2015, 16-19 March 2015

RPF "Pribor-T" took part in PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS'2015, Moscow, Russia . In the frameworks of the exhibition the Competition for the best domestic developments in laser equipment and laser-optical technologies was held. The project of RPF "Pribor-T" "Development of technological principles of laser forming of nonincandescent microwave amplifiers with instant availability of time, with compression of the electron beam on the basis of the matrix of carbon cathodes formed on a spherical surface" was awarded with Diploma of II degree.

On October 28 we became more!

Congrats to the engineer Ivan Popov with newborn baby boy!

Participation in All-Russian Forum «Educational medium 2014», 21-24 October 2014

RPF "Pribor-T" in Gagarin SSTU delegation took part in All-Russian Forum «Educational medium 2014», Moscow, Russia. The project "Teaching-research facilities on the basis of a number of basic laser processing equipment for educational and industrial processes" was awarded with Diploma №185.